Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6 Sept!

Alhamdulillah, A month of fasting had passed us. I wonder have you started pondering what Ramadhan means to you? Hopefully we had given the best shot for that month which is fulled with baraqah. Next, Syawal came with the enjoyment and amnesty for the muslims all around the world include Malaysian people who has celebrated the month with gaiety and sometimes I do think they still celebrating it immoderately somehow. From 'duit raya' to 'bunga api', all of it are wasted from my point of view. A high five to my mother because she didn't give lots of 'duit raya' for those children who tried visiting our house scrounging for ringgit for sure.

Well, there's a lot of stories about Idulfitri and some are pleasurable some are painful. The first day, I spend my time in Selangor visiting my grandfather and cousins of course. We did sharing our stories. Besides Almond London and Dodol, there's a lot of wonderful memories that I could not forget. For instance, the way I slipped in front of toilet mainly caused by a letter which I tried myself to send it to post office quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the scar left behind was pretty annoying! Who does want that scar anyway?

I hate this year Idulfitri when it comes to pack my stuff into luggage for oncoming registration day. Hereinafter, the story of a medical student begins. It is the ladder that I must climb with no doubt and complaint. I admit, it is utmost pathetic to leave my beloved home after all 6 months I'd been dreaming, rambling, bullying my sister and other things whether by accident or design. Yeah, 6 September. I'll remember it. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..

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