Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deep depression

Screw the exam, screw the result, screw my android, screw the sounds of renovating job outside my house. I got something vital that I need to handle by myself. Well, everyone feels depressed at times. Illness, the loss of a family member, the breakup of a relationship. What is certain is that depression must be treated before it seriously disrupts the consequent events. Like John C. Maxwell said, "everyone who has made a mistake and doesn't correct it, is making another one." Alhamdulillah, at least I passed the exam but what makes me depressed is that my parents feel a little disappointed towards me which makes me declare my result as a failure! Hurm.. I guess they knew it is apparently due to my destructive habit for instance, excessive daytime sleeps. Nevertheless, I have try hard and FYI, hardest among the past experiences of taking exams. It just my luck or 'rezeki' is not there and I still deserve the second chance.

I guess it's now the time for me to change for a better person, far from my past Faiz who looks playful and mischievous. In other perspective the failing experience teaches me not to decline my ladder of aspiration instead I swear to always looking up the ladder and at the very least to retain my foot as there's one guy down there. LOL. I've decided, let the failure comes first then success comes afterwards. Forget the procrastinating ways of doing DSLs, SGSs, notes, study, even being the last man taking shower in college. True story. However at any circumstances, Coffee and "riadah" are still my everyday's best friends but for this time, sleep is my goal. Games and Facebook are my sworn enemies who do their best to distract me as often as they could.

Gladly the idea of having 2weeks-short break is still under our dean's decision due to the fact that "what the hell do I do for a month or more than that?". Lastly, I’d like to keep this post brief because I have to pack my stuff to go back to college.